Renting A Car? Watch Out For These Before You Sign Up!

If you are planning a trip to some place, then one of the key things you want to have sorted long before you leave is renting a car. While there are umpteen choices which allow you to choose everything from the size of the car, model, mileage and every other small thing, there are some things that the car rentals do not tell you. If you are someone who does not read the fine print then you are bound to be taken for a ride. However, we have got you covered. Some of the things that you need to watch out for before you book your car:

Gas: Travelling to places has become more cumbersome and time-taking thanks to all the inspections and security checks that have been added by airports. Considering this, many people prefer to arrive much earlier at the airports to avoid delays or missed flights. One repercussion is that people prefer the easiest option to return the rental cars and so they choose pre-paid gasoline charges that many rentals offer. However, you are striking a bad deal by opting for this. Unless you have a very early flight or absolutely sure of returning the car with an empty tank, this option will be heavy on your wallet.

Options to Refuel: It does not matter what tearing rush you are in to soak in the new place, the best time to find a place to refuel is when you have just picked up your car. Airports and the area surrounding them can be quite confusing and hence you should take out some time to scour the area for the best deals on gas. Further, making a mental map of the area and identifying the best route possible to return the car will save you money and valuable time on your way out of the place.

Insurance and why you should not opt for theirs: While everyone may not be covered under their insurance, anyone that has a comprehensive or a full coverage on their insurance is pretty much covered as far as the rental car is concerned. It does not matter whether the car you have rented is a high-end car or not.

However, auto insurance policies vary and it is best to check with your insurance before you sign up for the rental insurance. This can save you quite a few bucks and you will be thankful for the same.

Learn about the benefits your credit card gives you: If you have paid for the car rental with a credit card, you should know that your card covers what your insurance does not cover. In some cases, it acts as a secondary insurance to serve as back up where your primary does not kick in. In many cases though, you will find that your credit card insurance is even better than your primary insurance. Further, using certain credit cards will give you benefits such as discounts, cash back, upgrades on the car and so on.

Inspection: The tendency is to give a quick inspection and walk around the car to check for scratches or things that are visible. However, it is best you inspect the car well enough before you leave the garage. Look for anything that may catch your attention whether it is small or big. Look for loose parts, problems with power windows or mirrors, loose bumper or rails and so on. While it may seem inconsequential at the time, if these have been missed by the car rentals before handing you the car, you will be held responsible for the damage.

Always ask about offers for upgrades: You never know until you ask and that is true everywhere. Sometimes you book a car at a very busy time and the rental company is low on cars. There is a possibility that when you pick the car there are several cars of a higher grade that may be available and to manage their inventory better, they give great offers. It always pays to ask! Desk agents and clerks are given some discretion and if they ask about an upgrade, you should always mention that it will depend on the deal that they will give you. This will get you a bigger and better car.